The Useless Web Alternative

Some say that Friday is the hardest day of the week. Unless you take the day off, of course.
So, just to help you in wasting time on websites even in more brutal way, today I will tell you about a few websites that are truly made for just one purpose

I myself wonder why someone took the efforts of creating these meaningless websites. But you'll be surprised to know that there are fifty of websites which have no imaginable objective (well, of course, other than making people waste their time online). If you want, may be you would like to know how to better
You know the weekend is just around the corner, yet you still have things to tend to. You've probably a bit tired, had a long week, with lots of meetings, lots of tasks, and even more emails. Maybe you were lucky enough to cross some items off your to do list.

So we thought of something that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Or to cheer you up over coffee break.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to... some of the most useless websites on the world wide web - The Useless Web Alt. Yes, you've read that correctly. Some people really have a lot of spare time and they've come up with all these crazy, yet utterly useless websites.

But they're loads of fun - see for yourself!

1. Do nothing for 2 minutes
This useless website challenges to sit and do nothing for two minutes. It comes with a very accurate timer that gets reset when you move the cursor. There's no escaping it. Visit the site

2. Make Everything ok
Remember that time when you wish you had a button to make everything OK? Well, there you go it's here. Visit Make everything ok

3. Ffffidget
Fidget spinners have been the craze this year. If you don't have one in real life to ease the stress, try this website. The fidget spins as you click around it. What's more, there's a link to buying a real-life spinner.

4. Into time
There's nothing like abstract color to make you consider an even more abstract concept: color. Spend some time contemplating time while watching the smooth gradient change hues and shades. Visit Into time

5. Where is the sloth
Test your gaming skills with this ground-breaking browser game. Click the browser window to see where that lazy sloth is hiding! Visit Where is the sloth

6. Scanwiches
A word of caution - don't visit this one in case you're hungry. Because it features up and close, high-resolution, clear & crisp images of delicious sandwiches. The images are so appealing that you can almost taste the sandwich. Visit Scanwiches

7. Procatinator
No matter what anyone says, cats are the ultimate procrastination thing on the internet. This website takes it up a notch. It features gifs of cats perfectly attuned to well-known tunes. Briefly, the perfect cure for buying some time.

8. Papertoilet
One of the most popular debates ever (besides the chicken and the egg) is probably about how toilet paper should be placed. This funny little browser game allows you to play with a toilet paper roll, up and down. Visit the site

9. Ducks are the best
Take your drawings up a notch. This website sprays little ducklings in your browser window according to the direction in which you move your cursor. Also, the background colors change flashing, adding to game. Visit Ducks are the best

10. Find the invisible cow
With over 25,000,000 million animals discovered worldwide, Find the Invisible Cow has to be one of the most popular browser games ever. Ok, it's not as popular as Solitaire, but still. To find the cow, you need to move the cursor in the browser. Once you find it, you get to level up and look for other animals. Visit Find the invisible cow

11. 20Q
Another 20 uestions game. You need to think of something fairly well-known and then answer 20 questions asked by the program. In the process, based on your answers, the program will try to guess what you had thought of. It's a great game to play with friends as well. When online you can spend (or waste) time on this website :-) I have always enjoyed playing 20Q.

12. Don't Click
A web layout that works on mouse over instead of on clicks. Menus open and content expands and collapses when you hover your mouse. You don't need to click. Curious layout for web designers but for others it is just another only way of amusement and killing time.

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